Project Management

We have a proven track record of successfully helming financially viable and supremely functional projects right from initiation to completion. We offer one of the best project management service in New Zealand in tandem with electrical estimating  which is our core specialty.

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Construction Project Management

Construction management necessitates knowledge of contemporary techniques of management in tandem with thorough knowledge and understanding of the entire construction and design procedure. We have a specialized team of professionals with rich experience and extensive understanding of the constraints and nitty gritties linked to this particular segment.;

Here’s a glimpse of our services:

  • Creation of knowledgeable, effective and motivated teams with delivery oriented focus.
  • Liaison with stakeholders, sponsors and providers of solutions.
  • Maintenance and completion of Key Performance Indicators of Projects.
  • Estimating , Costing & Planning for Projects.
  • Crafting Comprehensive & Summarized Progress Reports for Projects.
  • Tracking Activities in lieu of Detailed Project Plans.
  • Identification, Costing & Processing of Contract Variations.
  • Monitoring Actual Expenditure Information against Budgets for Projects.
  • Organization and Facilitation of meetings of Project Operating/Steering Committees.
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Providing estimating solutions for a niche market within the electrical industry.

Strategic Approach

Enhancing outcomes for customers’ human resources, profitability and overall productivity


Business terms that are flexible and will suit your business without any lock-in contracts or long-term commitments


Guarding customer privacy and maintaining transparent and honest relationships


Working collaboratively for building up mutually beneficial relationships for the long haul

Industry Experts

We have solved some of the biggest challenges in the industry for contractors over the years

Why Choose Us?

We have assisted electrical contractors in managing large and small-scale projects across industrial, mining, commercial and residential sectors. We help them tackle their biggest issues with our flexible and innovative approaches towards operations. We have a well-defined blueprint and methodology, which means that our management services take care of even big constraints while on the project. We will be based on site or even remotely but will complete our assignment without putting any extra burden on your resources. We work through understanding, communication and an indescribable passion for working as a natural extension of your organization in an effective manner

With over 40 years combined industry experience we are here to help. Contact Us