Here’s resolving all the queries you might have!

Estimating FAQ’S

Q. How much is charged by Electrical Estimating Solutions?
A. All you need to do is send the documentation for the project to us and we will speedily offer an estimated timeline along with the hourly rate for completing the same.

Q. How do I request the estimate?
A. You only have to click our Contact page and call/email us right away.

Q. How do I pay for your services?
A. We accept bank transfers, credit cards and PayPal

Q. What will I get on completion of the estimate?
A. We are a one-stop solution for your needs and you will get our pricing estimates and other calculations in tandem with supplier pricing, the tender submission document in addition to clarifications, exclusions and inclusions based on the project with all your company details, logo and standard quotation terms that we will recommend you to dispatch with all your tenders. In case you are satisfied with the tender submission document, you can just dispatch the same to your client without further ado!

Q. Who are you?
A. Electrical Estimating Solutions is a leading electrical estimating and allied services company based in New Zealand and offers assistance to small-large businesses take care of project tenders as and when required along with offering project management, engineering, drafting and takeoff among other services.

Drafting FAQ’S

Q. Why are we different?
A. If you are in New Zealand, you should know that finding a skilled and amply experienced drafter can be a cumbersome task. Every big project has to start off with the right plan and we are the ones to help you with the same. We have skilled designers and drafters who are skilled in both the actual practice of construction and the art behind the same. Our consultancy and drafting services are different from the herd on account of this unique yet more effective perspective that we lend to your projects

Engineering FAQ’S

Q. Why should you choose Electrical Engineering Solutions?
A. We offer flexible, personalized and cost effective electrical estimating services in New Zealand but we also have services ranging from project management and drafting to engineering. We have a team of skilled and knowledgeable engineers who are updated about the latest codes and regulations in tandem with having immense experience across a variety of projects in almost all categories and multiple industry domains. We ensure that you save costly overheads and time alike and we will ensure that deadlines are adhered to while the tender flows stay uninterrupted as well. In case you do not have your staff at hand, we will offer quick support as well.

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