Electrical estimating companies strive to offer niche services under the purview of the electrical industry in addition to extensive business solutions throughout
New Zealand.


We possess 40+ years of experience and have innumerable successfully executed projects under our belt. We have assisted large and small sized contractors tackle their major challenges with regard to electrical estimating in Auckland and a plethora of other locations. We’re one of those electrical estimating companies that specialize in activities like the submission of winning bids, exploration of promising and new industry segments, offering assistance when the staff is absent
and so on.


We not only offer estimating assistance but also services such as value engineering, project management, drafting and a takeoff service. We strive to be a natural extension of the in-house team that you have in spite of remotely functioning from our own facilities. We offer personalized solutions, which are customized as per client needs. We adopt innovative approaches towards operations and work through strategic and well defined methodologies. We help electrical contractors take care of major problems in tandem with helping them take care of contract based obligations as well while helping them find new opportunities too.


We offer a niche market service within the electrical industry. A combination of our innovative approach to operations and a defined strategic methodology, means that the services we provide are designed to provide timely solutions to the critical problems electrical contractors face while fulfilling their contractual obligations and/or whilst seeking new work opportunities. Working remotely, we get the job done without any additional strain on your valuable resources


Working Together


We strive to offer the best possible services as a company. We give considerable importance to customer relationships and this is our biggest point of focus. We believe in working harmoniously and closely with clients in order to bring out results and mutually fulfilling collaborations. We emphasize on the age old values of understanding, communication and passion that help us work efficiently as a welcome extension of your own organization.

Strategic Approach

Electrical Estimating Solutions believes in adapting services and solutions as per your own requirements or the needs of your business. Large/small scale businesses can equally benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the sector along with our analytical approach towards assignments, which takes away all your stress related to pricing and other challenges. We strive to offer maximum benefits for clients in terms of profitability, productivity and human resources.


We understand that failing to protect confidential information and business data can be disastrous for any business. We strive to guard client privacy and other confidential information along with maintaining honest and transparent relationships. All work taken up is executed privately and our team is trained to strictly guard private information. The organizational culture is characterized by the highest moral values.

With over 40 years combined industry experience we are here to help. Contact Us