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Electrical Estimating Solutions aims at being a one-stop solution for large and small contractors across New Zealand. We offer niche market electrical estimating with profitable and accurate tender submissions that are reliable and swift. Our terms are flexible so that everyone can avail our services on a project to project basis. No long-term commitments. No staffing overheads or related costs and No lock-in contracts.

Our services include Engineering and Project Management in New Zealand. Electrical Estimating Solutions New Zealand strives to be a one of its kind bespoke solution, which has been customized to our client’s requirements. We possess the expertise, requisite skills and knowledge and most importantly, the understanding to function as an extension to your organization. Our expert electrical cost estimators and our electrical estimating system for New Zealand ensures that you get the best accurate quotation for your business.

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– Residential Electrical Estimating
– Commercial Electrical Estimating
– Mining Electrical Estimating
– Project Management
Industrial Estimating 
– Drafting
– Electrical Engineering

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Why Choose Us?

We’re characterized by some unique traits:


We offer terms that suit you and your business needs. Our terms are flexible and have been designed in view with your business requirements. No lock-in contracts. No long-term commitments


We offer bespoke and personalized services to all contractor and organizations in the electrical industry irrespective of their size.

Long-Term Relationships

We believe in building mutually fulfilling, long-term and fruitful relationships with our clients.

Industry Experts

Our electrical estimators have assisted large and small contractors tackle many of their difficult challenges in electrical estimating with amazing success.

Marketing Strategy


Successful Business


Effective Recruitment



We have had a long working relationship with electrical estimating solutions and they have successfully provided projects right from smaller unit developments to big sized pumping stations and industrial warehouses. Their services are affordable and they help us swiftly quote and win lucrative projects.

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Our strategic advantage lies in being able to adapt our service offerings in a personalized manner as per your business needs. Our intensive knowledge of the electrical sector coupled with our emphasis on customized solutions helps us tackle tendering and all related stress on your behalf. Thus, helping you scale up your productivity and profitability.

Supreme Confidentiality

We protect all business information. We zealously protect your data and privacy. We believe in maintaining trustworthy relationships and hence we undertake all work with the strictest confidentiality clause. Our teams of skilled professionals are equipped and trained for handling sensitive information.

Productive Rapport

We believe in building mutually fulfilling, long-term and fruitful relationships with you and have built our service offerings that will ensure short term and long term financial gains to your organization while adding more capacity to bid at the highest quality.

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More About Electrical Estimation

Who Are We?What Services Do We Provide?Why Choose Electrical Estimating Solutions?

We are a company believing in innovation and offering timely solutions for diverse critical issues faced by electrical contractors while tackling contractual obligations or even with regard to invaluable guidance related to new professional opportunities. We cover everything in terms of industry needs and you can be a large/small scale electrical contractor needing assistance in case of tender dispatches or even on research based on new sectors. You can even seek replacements for staff members who are not present. We take care of all your needs with aplomb.
We have the ability to offer knowledgeable and efficient labor as per your needs along with guidance on taking vital decisions. We also provide electrical estimating solutions all across New Zealand, assisting contractors in terms of accurate electrical cost estimation. We prioritize our clients above everything else and give them maximum benefits from their relationship with us in terms of lowered burden and overhead costs. If you do not wish to enter into a lock-in contract or long-term commitment, we have a project based flexible approach to help you take care of all your professional obligations. We even have packages like the Tendering package, which is crafted for startups in need of assistance and guidance. Start-ups need not worry about risk taking or getting into the intricacies of the business by themselves. Electrical Estimating Solutions will offer all necessary guidance throughout the entire cycle and will function as an extension of your own in-house team.
We get your tasks executed in a timely manner without putting any strain on your own peace of mind or resources. Also, we ensure the highest quality along with protecting customer privacy without any compromises. Our team is trained to guard customer data impeccably and we ensure a comfortable working milieu where clients and our team members can effectively collaborate in order to keep miscommunication at bay.
We are a company that believes in core values like integrity, transparency and a solid work ethic. We encourage employees to strive for better quality, development and professional growth along with providing them opportunities to excel. Our clients matter the most to us and this is what sets us apart.

We possess in-depth understanding of the problems encountered by electrical contractors and other professionals in the electrical industry and have done all the groundwork and research needed to assist you with all your immediate requirements. Here are the services that we offer:
1. Electrical Estimating:
Cost-Estimating Services:
If you are an engineer/electrician/electrical contractor seeking to work out electricity costs and quantities needed for particular operations/projects/processes at any specific location, we offer extensively detailed and accurate estimates. These are tailored to ensure maximum benefits. We also provide electrical work estimates for diverse projects and both established and new organizations can profit from our solutions.
Setting up an Electrical Estimating System:
Do you want to enhance your operations and build a specialized system for electrical estimating? We can help you by installing a system tailored to your own requirements along with offering programs, information and processes that help you obtain all the tools you need for dispatching bids accurately. These encompass electrical estimating software, spreadsheets, project management tools, multi-user support and everything else you may need.
2. Project Management:
In case you have already taken up electrical estimating projects, we can help manage the same. With our expertise and skilled team, we offer tools for breaking down bids into various aspects and also for exporting the same into multiple applications. We also offer help in the entire management process along with tapping into our gargantuan industry knowledge and experience.
3. Drafting:
We offer vital guidance and design when it comes to drafting for diverse projects. You may be in the construction business for a long time or may be a newbie. We have solutions tailored for all kinds of businesses and offer drafting for construction of simple houses, shopping complexes, luxury homes and other housing unit types. We cater to all projects without any glitches in the entire process and also cover renovation or extension based projects. Our drafting services are spearheaded by a senior professional specialized in this domain. This professional possesses first hand drafting experience and has already supervised several big-ticket construction projects for reputed builders over the years. We have the best team and facilities available for the job.
4. Electrical Engineering Services:
We are an electrical estimating company and naturally possess a high quality and efficient engineering team for projects. This division will offer vital guidance linked to projects along with taking up electrical work related questions and issues. We have a responsive, communicative, professional and skilled team to assist you in this regard.
5. Hiring Labour:
If your own employees are not available at an urgent time or absenteeism is high overall or even if you do not have the numbers you need for critical projects, we are there to help! We also help in case you have employees who are not qualified for a particular field and you need reinforcements urgently. You can contact us for hiring professionals for projects in New Zealand. Our consultants will cover your needs by coming up with hiring plans, hiring strategies, marketing labor needs and carrying out the recruitment procedure. We take time to understand your recruitment needs and then offer customized solutions based on your long-term and short-term projects. We take care of everything right from selection of the best candidates to the entire process of appointment.
We strive to keep you away from all headaches and worries while you also retain full control over the recruitment procedure. This means that your inputs are integrated at each stage of the process. This service is tailored to benefit our clients who have minimal resources and other limitations when it comes to carrying out hiring procedures. If you are looking to sign up contract/casual labour or labour for long-term or short-term projects, we can help you find qualified workers in this regard. We also provide flexible contracts to professionals and believe in selection only on the basis of merit. Our services will fast track your entire process of recruitment and supply the best possible labor as per your company needs.

We have a niche customer market, which believes in our services, specially the electrical estimating services in New Zealand. We offer a wide range of solutions right from electrical estimating to hiring labor for projects. The reasons to choose us include the following:
1. Invaluable Expertise:
Our specialized and trained team possesses in excess of 40 years of experience in the electrical estimating and electrical sectors and this makes us stand out from the rest in terms of services and client satisfaction. We make our clients the very first priority and handle projects based on intricate research, solid skills and efficiency.
2. Flexibility:
Flexibility- We offer flexible and customized service plans, packages and strategies that are always tailored as per your requirements. You may wish to hire long/short term labor or even part time/full time labor. We will take care of it for you and will even help you hire contract/casual labour. You will have control over your contracts and business operations and will not be bound by our service terms. We empathize with clients and ensure that all services have proper consideration for their needs, sentiments and adaptability needs.
3. Comprehensive Services Offered:
We offer services and solutions which encompass every aspect of electrical work and issues faced by businesses. We offer everything from electrical estimating to drafting, hiring qualified labor, project management and more. We understand the intricacies of the business and the problems that clients have to encounter. Electrical Estimating Solutions aims at helping clients tackle all their issues with swift and value based solutions. We have flexible services, a solid work ethic and a diverse service range that takes care of all your needs. We aim at being a one-stop solution and are known for our reliability and professionalism.

With over 40 years combined industry experience we are here to help. Contact Us